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How do you maximize your utilization ?? Get used to worship in the congregation (praying in congregation, being in the area of ​​worship experts, etc.). This will motivate and maintain self-confidence. Do the conditions in worship, so that our deeds are maintained. Prepare “ammunition” so that it’s easy to use while free.

Always allocate time regularly to study al-Islam. Science is a charity generator. Make sure to set aside a part of your time to think (muhasabah) every day, make a reflection and make a plan. Perhaps, one reason why you are so busy is that you don’t take time to plan.

Word Calendar 2018 Free
Word Calendar 2018 Free. Image via https://www.yearlyprintablecalendar.com
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Make each of our activities into worship by intending for God (make it a habit to start with prayer).  As a result of the progress of the era, society, and technology invites a particular problem within the use of his spare time. A variety of developed country products, both in the form of facilities and culture has been adopted by the community who are ready or not ready to be responsible for the consequences of using this product. Many social scientists consider it necessary guidance, especially regarding the use of free time for adolescents, in particular, high school students.

Word Calendar 2018 Printable
Word Calendar 2018 Printable. Image via http://www.allcalendarprintable.com
Word Calendar 2018 September
Word Calendar 2018 September. Image via http://www.allcalendarprintable.com

There are often teenagers who are still in school uniforms roaming the shopping center or huddled on the edge of the road to see people crossing over. Such activities are felt to be lacking useful and can cause various social problems, such as disturbing peace, fights, etc. It is not impossible from various uncomfortable situations like now, student involvement in a brawl is a manifestation of the lack of maximum use of leisure time.

This guess can be reviewed further through one of the social benefits of charging free time. More students busy and like busy, generally have free time which makes them less likely interested in useless activities. Charging free time that is less directed, will urging activities that are less directed such as negative, destructive or their involvement
on brawl.

Word Calendar 2018 Template
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You can use Word Calendar 2018 Printable for Free. You can just download the calendar quickly.

Well, the Word Calendar 2018 Printable for Free is free for accompanying your day in 2018.

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