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The following things identify the occurrence of bad time management. It is very rare to have time to work on a really important job, Use too much time for urgent work. Often still in the office until late at night. Bring office work home and do other people’s work, Feel indispensable, Too many meetings, It is very rare to complete a task or work on time, Often feel rushed, Let other people manage your time.

Print Free Calendar 2019 Wall
Print Free Calendar 2019 Wall. Image via
Print Free Calendar 2019
Print Free Calendar 2019. Image via

We must always evaluate or introspect about what we usually do. Is it true that the work that we always do is an important job to do and from that job will it provide many benefits? Or even vice versa, these jobs are less useful for ourselves and for others.

Print Free Calendar August 2018
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We have to compare things in our daily lives more preoccupied with important jobs or vice versa. If we rarely or not do important work at all, which provides more benefits and is less aware, it means that our use of time is ineffective or time management is not right.

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