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In simplicity there is wisdom that leads to happiness of conscience because what we really need is little and not always material, the rest is to give and fulfill the rights of others. Simplicity has extraordinary meaning and benefits as life energy. Energy to survive, energy to give and share, and energy to be grateful for life itself. It is not easy indeed to apply simplicity in ourselves and our daily lives. I myself still have to and continue to learn to interpret, live and apply it in my daily life.

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A simple life does not mean living in misery, poverty, destitution, and inadequacy. Simplicity is a proportional mindset and pattern of life, not excessive and able to prioritize something more needed. Simplicity is the ability to sincerely accept what is available, try to be fair and give thanks for every provision provided by using it on things that are useful and meaningful. That ability provides benefits and becomes energy in our lives. Then what are the benefits of simplicity as life energy?

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In the Simplify Your Life book, Elaine St. James stated that throughout the history of wise people (in every great culture), simple life was the key to happiness. Psychologically, simplicity is useful in balancing positive and negative energy in ourselves and our lives. Gratitude and sincerity in simplicity are nutrients to achieve happiness, so our hearts are always filled with positive feelings and the mind is clearer and calmer. Psychic calm will synergize with spiritual maturity.

At the spiritual level, simplicity can provide energy to make us focus on doing things. By focusing on the effort and belief in the power of the Almighty, we are able to face obstacles and tests, so that life feels lighter and easier because there are surrender and complete surrender to the ultimate power through prayer. That is life energy that can humanize humans. Free Monthly Calendar Editable can be used to arrange your simple life.

Free Monthly Calendar Editable can be grabbed on this site. The calendar can be downloaded for free.

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You can use Free Monthly Calendar Editable an enjoy it! The months are going to be fun!

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