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Elapsed time cannot be replaced by another time. If it has passed, he will not be replaced with another time in the future. Yes, then it will continue, while the one to come must be met with a better deed. (Let by Gone Be by Gone)

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Time management is planning, organizing, mobilizing and monitoring the productivity of time. Time to be one of the performance resources.Resources that must be managed effectively and efficiently. Effectiveness can be seen from the achievement of goals use a predetermined time. And efficient does not contain two meanings, namely: the meaning of the reduction in time determined, and the meaning of investment when using the available time. Time management aims at productivity which means ratio output with input. Looks and feels like a waste of time by following management’s function in managing time. Planning in advance the use of time is not a waste but provides guidance and direction for even monitoring of time.

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Why do we need to manage our time as well as possible? Apart from because it is very valuable, there are several other reasons, including because our time is limited, while work is constantly increasing. Time management helps us to work more effectively with a priority scale. Time management keeps us from stress we can control every task and deadline.

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Time management makes us more productive (can avoid obstacles and disturbances that hinder the goal. A time management system that fits your needs, can help you solve your work in a short time. Whatever the priorities, learn how to manage life and learning help us achieve our life goals. The following is the answer to the question “Why do I have to manage my time?”Because an effective time management system can help us prioritize. For example, meeting a lover who had not met or spelled out a task presentation material that would be gathered tomorrow.

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