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Planning in advance the use of time is not a waste but provides guidance and direction for even monitoring of time. This time management can provide better results if done with sincerity of course with discipline. And a high commitment from real individuals is needed to comply with and run the management of time that has been determined, for example by the company or place of work in carrying out daily activities.

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Time is a quantity that shows the length of an event. Often in everyday life – days are distinguished by Chronos (events that will occur at any time) and kairos (opportunities will not be repeated). The time that runs will feel fleeting. As if you just ran with friends or family just yesterday you don’t feel like you will face another Sunday. In the past I was a child, now I was an adult, maybe even had a child. Everything you feel like the feeling above must be felt by others.

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The elapsed time has different speed capacities according to the individual conditions – even though the speed of time is essentially the same. For example, when we are waiting for someone, we will feel that time runs so very slowly, one day a week. Conversely, when we are doing things that we like, for example reading books, chatting, playing games and so on, time will feel so fleeting.

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Free Calendar 2018 Printable for School can be grabbed quickly. You can download the calendar only by clicking on the right and select save to download.

Use Free Calendar 2018 Printable for School so you can stay updated with your daily activity.

Free Calendar 2018 Printable for School can be used quickly.

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