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Evaluating the use of time means judgment or interpretation. Evaluation is a process of assessment, this assessment can be neutral, positive negative or a combination of both. Evaluating the use of a day to recognize how to use time in a day, then we can evaluate by asking ourselves.When time is evaluated, people who evaluate usually make decisions about the value or benefits. So, evaluating time means we evaluate things that have been and will be done later .

Calendar Sheets 2018 Yearly. Image via

Calendar Sheets 2018 Yearly
Calendar Sheets 2018 Yearly. Image via

To recognize how we can evaluate activities by asking ourselves, including: How much time is spent planning? How much time is used for optimal work? How much time to read, evaluate, and share something knowledge and experience (learning). How much time is used to travel to work and return home? How much time to rest, exercise and relax (for a moment)?and How much time is used for the family?

By evaluating time management, we can recognize how to use it in a day so that we can find out which things are excessive. Evaluation of schedule implementation. Write down a fixed activity. Add regular study time. Add flexible study time. Add time for extracurricular activities and personal activities

Calendar Sheets 2018 Romanesc
Calendar Sheets 2018 Romanesc. Image via
Calendar Sheets 2018 November
Calendar Sheets 2018 November. Image via

Time evaluation can be used in a number of groups, such as time for family, time for work, and time for self-development.

The following are important things that must be considered so that our time management can be more effective: Study goals, plans, and priorities. Making a private work plan, can be a daily plan. Determine things that can be delegated to others. Prioritize (the most important) and the closest time limit. Give a sign on things that have been completed. and Move things that have not been completed in the next daily plan.

Calendar Sheets 2018 August
Calendar Sheets 2018 August. Image via

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