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After reading its history, the beginning of the year of Christ indeed refers to the year which is considered to be the year of birth of the Prophet Isa Al-Masih, therefore this calendar is called Masihiyah or Yesus of Nazareth.

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Calendar 2020 Pdf April
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This dating system began to be adopted in West Europe during the 8th century. In my knot, AD is a sign of the birth of a great leader, not his belief. That is anyone from various religious backgrounds used to celebrate. Then what about the Hijri year? It is also a marker, from the figure of the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW. The Calendar 2020 Pdf Various Months are very good for you.

Calendar 2020 Pdf June
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Calendar 2020 Pdf September
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Narrated, when Abu Musa Al-Asyári as one of the governors in the era of Caliph Umar r.a. wrote a letter to the Emir of the Faithful whose contents asked for letters from the caliph which had no year, only dates and months, thus confusing. Caliph Umar then gathered several senior friends at that time.

Calendar 2020 Pdf Yearly
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They were Uthman ibn Affan, Ali bin Abi Talib, Abdurrahman bin Auf, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas, Zubair bin Awwam, and Talhan bin Ubaidillah. They deliberated on the Islamic calendar. There are those who propose based on the millennium the Prophet. Well. all in all, you can have Calendar 2020 Pdf Various Month for quick usage.

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