2018 Monthly Calendar Word

Managing the time means you do not need to do all the work by your self. Sometimes, you need to delegate your work to others.

2018 Monthly Calendar Word April
2018 Monthly Calendar Word April. Image via http://freeprintablecalendar2018.com

Delegate Work That Is Not Important In the Eisenhower Matrix proposed by Stephen R. Covey in the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, there is one quadrant in the ” Not Important ” section that can be a barrier for you to complete the main job. That’s when you have to know whether the work can be done alone or must be delegated to others. If indeed you still need additional time to complete priority work, you can delegate additional work to other people who are competent.

2018 Monthly Calendar Word May
2018 Monthly Calendar Word May. Image via http://www.allcalendarprintable.com

Utilizing the abilities of others to complete your work is an effective way to fulfill all work plans that have been prepared. Especially if you have used too much time to complete the main work. By delegating work, your list of to-do lists will continue to run smoothly.

Not only that, others than the work, you need a holiday. but you need also to download  2018 Monthly Calendar Word. 

2018 Monthly Calendar Word Template
2018 Monthly Calendar Word Template. Image via http://www.2018calendarwithholidays.com
2018-Monthly-Calendar-Word-With-Holidays. Image via http://www.calendarprintabletemplates.com
2018 Monthly Calendar Word With Notes
2018 Monthly Calendar Word With Notes. Image via http://freeprintablecalendar2018.com

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